What no one told you about Pakistan
Submission Guideline

This page will be updated from time to time. 

Things we do not publish:

  • Porn or Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material even if it is from Pakistan.
  • Material of Political nature: We understand politics is part of any country but we hear about it too often all the time so what is the need of reiterating it on “What No One Told You About Pakistan”? We however might from time to time post or publish submissions which highlight a constructive development there.
  • Anything from you if your page contains excessive NSFW or Porn as we do not wish to act as a traffic source for such a page or if there is material on your page with which we do not wish to be associated with.
  • Anti-Pakistani content: Well it will be dumb enough to submit it in first place but even then if it is not a constructive or genuine question it will most probably not be published.
  • Anti-India or any other anti-XYZ content: Seriously we have had enough of the hatred, if you cannot do better we are not going to help you with spreading any more hatred.
  • Advertisements: Unless you are paying to run this blog (which you most probably are not) we are not a place for product placement for free.