What no one told you about Pakistan
About Us

Thank you for visiting “What no one told you about Pakistan” and taking interest in the blog.

Purpose behind the blog is pretty simple. We wish to give you another angle on the things happening in Pakistan or in more specific how Pakistanis really are. Unfortunately in last ten years or so our national image has been shaped by International media outlets looking desperately for gruesome and shocking news items. We on the other hand are trying to show you that we Pakistanis are just as ordinary a people as anywhere else in the world.

People behind this blog are all volunteers. I (Usman Malik) started this blog on 7th June 2009, some where in the way we started taking submissions from all the wonderful people, then we got selected for then Tumblr Tuesdays which gave us a real traffic boast and recognition. In July 2010 we started our Facebook and Twitter presence. Same time we rolled down our structured RSS feed which enables you to follow us in any RSS reader.

In November 2010 we had our first member, Neha a young Pakistani American lady who brought a new dimension with her to the blog. 

Whereas to cater need of the growing spectrum of information related to Pakistan needing attention we had the honour to have pak-socioeconomy (a young Pakistani lady pursuing a Phd in Economics) and Iqra (a Bahraini-Pakistani who was already our frequent contributor) in our team in April 2011. 

Our newest member is Kisa (a Finance undergrad student from Dubai) who joined us in May 2011.

If you believe you can contribute to this blog in anyway, please feel free to get in touch. If you wish to contribute something, it might be a good idea to go through the Submission Guidelines. Of course you can submit anything by clicking here.

Thank you for your time and appreciation.